Insurance compensates in a crisis

If you are in business it is important that you take out an insurance cover to protect your interests if any unforeseen incident occurs where you would be liable to pay compensation to another. There are many different types of insurance covers that one could take out depending on the business you are in or your need. Some of them which are quite popular are Building construction insurance, Business insurance, Business liability insurance, Commercial building insurance, Commercial insurance, Construction insurance, and Public liability insurance. Each of the above would give you specific cover if you are called upon to pay or receive compensation.

Building construction insurance covers the total process of constructing a building or any other related project from start to finish. Building contractors are required by law to take Building construction insurance prior to beginning a project they are commissioned to carry out. Building construction insurance protects the contractor and everyone one involved in the project from the architect to the suppliers of material.

Business insuranceis a very wide insurance cover but you can tailor make the policy to cover specific areas that you would feel you are vulnerable. The premium would depend on the Business insurance cover you have taken out. The insurer would advise you on the clauses that you would need to include in the Business insurance policy after discussion with you and the stakeholders concerned. If you are seeking an insurance cover as per a requirement of some statutory body, they would advise you on the clause that would need to be included in the policy.

Business liability insurance is self explanatory, as it covers you in case you are called upon to pay a third party due to a liability on your part to pay compensation. Here too you can tailor make the Business liability insurance to suit your requirements where you feel you are vulnerable. Some businesses may need to take out Business liability insurance as a legislative requirement.

Commercial building insurance is taken out on buildings that are used for any commercial proposes. The Commercial building insurance cover could include even amenities that are provided to the building concerned. Wider the Commercial building insurance cover more expensive would be the premium.

Commercial insurance covers a very wide spectrum where any commercial activity could be covered. There are certain commercial activities that would need to be covered byCommercial insurance as a requirement by law. An example of Commercial insurance would be shipping of goods, which has to be covered by insurance.

Construction insurance would cover all kinds of construction. Construction insurance in some form or other is a requirement in law. Contractors are required to take out Construction insurance when indulging in their profession.

Public liability insurance is important if any organization is in some way or other has some contact with the public. Public liability insurance is in most cases a requirement by law. An example of a type of Public liability insurance would be the legal requirement to have an insurance cover before you put a vehicle on the road.  



The one million question

Can the government of Sri Lanka, create one million jobs in the next five years. The clock started ticking when the National government was elected to power on an unprecedented platform of unity in diversity.

After nearly seven decades of bickering and animosity between the two major parties, they have made an about turn to join hands to take Sri Lanka on the road to prosperity, promising the best jobs for everybody.

The words on everyone’s lips today is “one million jobs”, and how the government could achieve this daunting task, do they have “a rabbit in the hat”, and when will we see the ears of the rabbit protruding out of the hat, when the first few new job vacancies are visible.

Another interesting thing that everyone is anxiously awaiting to observe is whether these new jobs will be sending our young mothers to the kitchens of the affluent middle-east, or will they be encouraged to stay back with well paid Sri Lankan jobs.

Can the government provide jobs in Sri Lanka for them? Can our housemaids aspire to succeed in a top job here as an alternative?

A host of questions are being asked at every street corner, “kopi kade”, three wheeler stand, and even in the parliament, whether our unemployed graduates who are in eternal conflict be given top jobs.

Are there topjobs that could be created for them? Or would it be “Trojan” vacancies that would be created to hoodwink everyone? Will the educated be able to succeed in a top job Sri Lanka?

Would all this happen in the next five years or would it be rakiyawa who would prepare our cv and get us some best jobs?


Concrete and asphalt surfaces

Preparation of Driveways prior to Paving is important because they would need to bear heavy loads when necessary. Driveways could be paved with stones or blocks and old Driveways can also be sealed with Spray Paving which would give added strength to it.

We can bring back damaged Driveways to it’s pristine glory employing the latest equipment we use in Driveway resurfacing. If you are on a tight budget we can do a neat Driveway repair at affordable prices.

Specially formulated and designed resin that could withstand heavy loads is the answer, if your Driveway regularly bears heavy loaded traffic, especially Driveways leading up to warehouses and similar areas.

Concrete and asphalt surfaces can be brought back to it’s past glory using versatile, practical and colourful Coatings that is widely used now after an overhaul with complete Concrete resurfacing or even an Asphalt resurfacing.

 Floor surfaces that were eyesores and continuously wet, could be turned overnight into very attractive pathways and footpaths, to add some glamour to your garden, using different Permeable materials.

Sports and exercise areas could be cleaned up and protected with Spray Paving which would bring out an entirely different look. The choices are unlimited and Spray Paving would protect such areas by sealing little crevices and cracks.

You could also opt for any type of colour with Spray on concrete, a process that we have mastered with some creative designs. If called upon we could create some stunning designs in your garden with our super Landscaping ideas that our professionals are reputed for.

Spray Paving reflects Solar Heat and would drop the ambient temperature substantially within your property, which would enhance the performance of the air-conditioning systems. The ambient temperature could be unbearable during the height of summer, and Spray Paving could help to bring some solace.

There could be areas within your home plot that would constantly be wet due to dripping water or other liquids. Permeable Paving would be the answer to your woes, as it would drain the water away, and keep the place dry and healthy.

The products we offer our customers, the workmanship that we strive to uphold and the courteous service that we extend is what we are offering enthusiastic entrepreneurs when they Buy Paving franchise and join our family of more than 3400 franchisees spread all over Australia.

Our forte has been our ability to work towards our goals and going out of our way to satisfy our customers. Well paved premises, whilst increasing the value of your home would also bring satisfaction to you.

When you Buy paving business from Jim’s Paving you would be joining one of Australia’s success stories which has grown at incredible pace. From very humble beginnings Jim’s Group is the largest Franchise in Australia and is continuing to grow at a very fast pace. A Paving Franchise from Jim’s Group is your answer to success.


Using electricity cautiously

Electricity is important to our way of life in this modern world, without it we may be handicapped to perform about 80% of our daily chores. Whilst electricity is important to us it is also a dangerous amenity, the usage of which requires caution on our part.

Danger may be lurking in every electrical switch, plug point, bulb holder and home appliance, in your home and you may not be aware of it. If you are aware you could take corrective measures. Towards making your home a safe place it is imperative that regular electrical risk assessment and emergency lights testing inspections are carried out by qualified and experienced personnel.

Jim’s Test & Tag the leaders in electrical testing and tagging is just a phone call away. Finding a test and tag franchise emblazoned with the easily recognizable logo of Jim’s displayed prominently on our trailers, is your sure way to make your home safe for you and your loved ones.

We at Jim’s Test & Tag take every call for test and tag services within 20 seconds and you would be helped by a live operator and not by an answering machine on any query you may have. Our Testing and tagging franchisee would visit you for inspection within 24 hours of your initial call. He will submit a No obligation quote and once you approve same we will start work at your home, to make it the safe place you want it to be.

We use the latest and sophisticated Portable Appliance Testers (PAT) to check every electrical point and every wire until we are 100% certain that your home is safe. The Test and Tag inspection we carry out is comprehensive, and we do not compromise on our workmanship, which has been the forte of Jim’s since it’s inception in 1982 under the leadership of our mentor Jim Penman.

Our testing tagging and lead tagging inspections are carried out to Australia Standards 3760 and 3012, and we are authorized to issue electrical tagging certification. Our staff who would visit you would be courteous and will be security screened. They are qualified in all aspects of test & tag inspections and most of them are experienced in test and tag services..     


Impact and shatterproof window tinting

Vandalism is a common occurrence in our debilitated societies all over the world, and is not specific to Perth alone. Vandals carry out random attacks, but could also be instigated by other social and economical factors. The easiest target for vandals are unprotected glass windows in homes, offices, showrooms and other premises.

Adequately thick gauged solar window film could be used on such windows and the reasons could be manifold. Depending on your need and requirement it would be ideal against vandalism, targeting your business premises in which case Jim’s Office window tinting Perth, would be pleased to come across and provide you advice on how you could protect your premises.

Installing window film on windows that are vulnerable to vandalism by breaking or graffiti would protect windows in the case of the former due to difficulty in shattering the glass, and in the case of the latter the film could be easily replaced and graffiti removed.

Window film reduces glare filtering through by more than 90% and solar heat by 80%, and this enhances a comparatively lower temperature inside. During summer this reduction in the indoor temperature would provide for more efficient output from your air-conditioning unit.

Homes with large glass windows would attract more solar heat and glare in and it is advisable to call on your closest Jim’s Home window tinting Perth and seek our advice on the best course of action available to you on the type of window film that should be used.

We would be glad to come over and advice you on all the choices of solar window film we have, and the application that would suit your requirement. The gauge of film that you would need to use would depend on the risk factor you have on that particular window, or the times the window is exposed directly to the Sun’s deadly rays.

Jim’s Car window tinting Perth is just a phone call away and would be glad to come over, see your car and provide you with a No Obligation quote to have all your car windows tinted with the approved solar film. Jim’s has a reputation for quality workmanship and we will always uphold it which has been built during three long decades.